When you step into a temple, how do you expect it to be inside: kind, loving, warm, accepting, understanding, nonjudgmental, caring, truthful, serene?  If your body is your temple, what’s it like inside?  Does it make you want to escape yourself or be home with yourself where it’s lovely?

If you’re not experiencing compassion, comfort, acceptance, praise and love inside of your temple, then you’re probably looking outside of yourself for these things. It creates a hole in your heart to not be able to rely on this necessary support in your own temple. Many of us try to fill the hole with food. Yet, there’s not enough food in the world to fill the hole because food is an imposter to what you really want.

If inside your temple you’re hearing messages of being flawed, bad, wrong, not enough, guilty or shameful, you probably want to get out.  Distractions such as too much food, shopping, work, drugs, sex and gambling help you to escape from being with yourself.

It’s a paradox that you escape yourself to find what you think is missing from your temple, when it was there inside you all along!  You only need to go deeper within yourself, to the level under the pain and shame to find it.

When you make it wonderful inside your temple, you can move back in and be present to yourself.  You can ask yourself, “What am I feeling?  What do I need right now?”  By doing so, you make yourself important and raise your self-esteem. You feel loved and supported because somebody always cares enough to ask you and give you what you need. You!

You can be curious about what’s behind your behavior instead of judgmental.  You can be compassionate as you listen to your story.  You can feel your feelings and get the wisdom of what they’re trying to tell you. You hear your intuition clearer. You’re in touch with your truth and trust yourself.  You can access the pure love you have for yourself, feel that intimate connection and unconditional love and let your heart be filled.