Here is a writing from one of my lovely Soul Sisters from Sera Beaks’s SoulFire retreat the previous summer. There, we endeavored to connect and listen to our soul. She recently shared with us this beautiful reframe she got upon listening to her stomach. She graciously let me share it with you:

I feel like I’m on the verge of letting my Soul breathe through my body in a whole new way. It’s scaring me. And thrilling. Everything seems to be expanding. Yesterday I came across this from last year’s journal … and felt moved to share it with you….

Belly Speaks:

Silly girl! Looking for your Mama everywhere but here, and me just waitin’ for you.
You think I am part of you but let me tell you a little secret to blow your mind. You are a part of me. You live and breathe and take your nourishment through me. And if you let me I can take you places girl!

Yes, I puff out like a big old helium balloon. “Four months pregnant” you say, eyeing me in the mirror with that pinched mouth and worried brow. “Who’s going to love this?” you think. Oh how you clutch me, suck me in, pull meet tight, cover me over, try to hide!

I love when you let that go. When you let me be pillow belly, jello belly, jiggly dancing belly, sunshine belly, moon glow belly, call-of-the-ocean-tides belly, rock-you-to-sleep belly. You so careful about sugar, how it messes with your mind. But it’s this “belly’s too big” lie that cuts off your life breath.

Oh girl! Let me rise and fall like a whale and sing my deep belly song. Let me take you all the way into “too big” and “too round”. How you gonna birth anything for real without that?

Oooh you so scared! I can feel it. What will your family think? Those eyes, those disapproving eyes that haunt you every day of your life.

My sweet sweet girl! Let me Mama you, let me grow and feed and birth your dreams. Let me dance you into the life you’re really here for… not the one “They” will approve of.

I love soft clothes and wiggle room and the touch of your hands, but even more I love loving you my girl. Take that in, Baby. I hold the love you’ve been searching for all your life. Can you feel it?