Client Reviews

Words of Success!

I’ve tried so many diets and groups in the past and they felt restrictive. But working with you feels expansive. I feel a lot of freedom. There’s something about your presence that supports me in going to those places inside myself. I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate our work together. Actually, it feels more like play. I cannot believe how my life has opened up to so much more than I ever dreamed possible for myself. Thank you!*


With Denise’s help, I was not only able to understand why I was overeating, but I could also free myself from it. I stopped the battle with food and I gained an honest and peaceful relationship with myself. Losing weight has been empowering!*

E. Westbrook

Denise has been instrumental in showing me how to slow down and listen to my highest truth. Sitting with me and teaching me how to experience my emotions instead of trying to numb them is a highlight of my work with Denise. Food choices became easier and healthier and I wanted to eat the healthier food! She is compassionate and asks the hard questions; instead of letting you stay in the fog, Denise walks you through it and shows you where the legwork must be done. I am so grateful to have found her!*

Sarah W.

Your style is refreshing; how your frame things and relate it to food and emotions. I have high expectations and appreciate your way of working. Your different approach felt meaningful and important to me which allowed me to open to receiving your support, which is not easy to do with someone like me.*

Alison B.

Thank you for all the wonderful changes you have brought into my life. You have done so much more than helping me to lose weight, you have changed the way I feel about myself. It feels like a huge anguish, a threat even, has been lifted off my shoulders. More important than the weight loss, my mind has been freed! I now have a new perspective on food, my body, and my life: you have delivered a trapped soul. You’ve helped me become happy!*

Ariadne P.

Attending Denise’s workshop and continuing with regular coaching sessions has changed my life forever! My old life was filled with fear, anxiety, unhappiness, injury and chronic pain. I attracted abusive, negative people who manipulated and victimized me. To cope, I overate, over exercised, was a work-a-holic and an over achiever. Now, my life is completely the opposite! Joy, contentment, peace and fun describes every day of my life, along with being 29 pounds slimmer. All the people in my life are happy, honest and loving. I even found my soul mate! A many heart-felt thanks to Denise!*

Mary S.

Denise is the most insightful coach I have ever dealt with. She has an amazing way of seeing through the depths of my personality and root out the real essences of the way I am thinking and how that is affecting so much of my behavior. I feel like Denise is my personal cheerleader and when times are tough, she is there to see the incredible positives of my situation and crack the back of the poor negative thinking.*

Dee C.

Working with Denise has been an amazing experience – amazing because I have become so much more peaceful and happy and amazing because changing my way of being in the world has seemed so effortless. I never would have guessed that losing weight could be so easy! I am very thankful for the opportunity.*

Laura W.

Denise didn’t teach me, as much as remind me that I have everything I need to heal myself from within. She helped me recover the ability to listen to my body and relish life’s experiences including, but not limited to food and eating. She guided me to honor myself, have compassion for those parts of me that want to eat for comfort, and put me on a path to love all of me. I will be forever grateful for the work I did with Denise and am glad she followed her heart to help people.*

Phoebi C.

With you, there is permission to let me be myself and be seen and expressed.*


I say that Denise was, at very least, a bright ray of sunshine in my life. She helped me to cut through to core issues that were hanging me up in every area of my life, including weight.
Denise is extremely affirming and has a wonderful ability to help me to dream again and to achieve dreams that I have held in my heart for years. When I would get stuck, Denise helped me to see that I had the answers inside of myself. Her belief in my abilities helped me to believe also. I am so grateful for Denise’s impact in my life.*

Shari S.

I’ve struggled my whole life with confidence in my body. Extreme diets, binging, disordered eating… I’d seen them all. Working with Denise I learned how so much focus and pressure on how I was eating was working against me! Denise’s encouraging words and strategies opened my eyes to a new way of eating and a new way of appreciating myself. She taught me how losing weight could be effortless once I loved, and believed in myself. Her commitment and belief in me was overwhelmingly encouraging and made the journey enjoyable and easy! Thank you, Denise!*

Laura P.

Denise gave me way more than I could have imagined, she taught me how to feed myself in such a way that feels true to me. She helped uncover the nonfood stuff that had been keeping me bound to being big. She has believed so wholeheartedly in me that hope and self-love have been rekindled within me.*

Nanr M.

I know what it’s like to be in my right balance with eating, exercise and emotions because you have been able to guide me here. When I got here, it was like, “Aha, this is it!” I followed the road map and now I’m enjoying being here.*


For the first time in my life I have confidence in knowing that I have arrived into My True Body. It may not be a “perfect” body by some standards, but I know that it is the perfect body for me. Denise inspired me to focus on the journey as much as the goal. She was agile and willing to let me do it “my way”. She helped me uncover the old, underlying beliefs that were driving my unhealthy behavior and encouraged me to rewrite them so that I could create new habits (actually, a new way of living). The work we did is about so much more than just my relationship with food; it is a model I can reuse to create other new habits in my life.*

Diane B.

Denise’s coaching is a unique mix of nutritional knowledge with a deep level of understanding and compassion. Her undivided attention, encouragement, and wisdom created a secure environment where I could explore my beliefs and practice success. She’s an expert in her field.*

Rebecca R.

I achieved my weight loss (over 100 pounds)

Mike J.

Denise helped me transform my life… I respond to life better now and have the better life that I want. I achieved my weight loss (over 100 pounds) and have kept it off for nearly 3 years now. I highly recommend Denise.*

Anne R.

Denise helped me through the next year to lose 70 pounds. I had her encouragement and partnership in figuring out how to get through tough times and adjust as necessary. I improved other areas of self-care at home and work to support my efforts.*

lost 40 lbs

Kathy G.

Denise coached me to a weight loss of almost 40 lbs and guided me down the path of developing an athletic, strong body. I know that I would not have met my health goals without her support, because I had tried to do it on my own so many times in the past without success.*

Julie S.

When I met Denise, my health, relationships, state of mind and understanding about myself was very different. I was unhappy with my life and prayed to find a way to change. I attended Denise’s workshop and felt I needed to hire her one on one.*

I learned more in a day than I have in years of workshops and books.*

M. M.

If you remain open and are ready to make a commitment to yourself, this class can be life altering.*

Tina V.

Great flow of the day. Creative education that kept me awake and excited the whole time… except in meditation state when I was completely relaxed and calm.*

Kathy M.

The class released me and gave me freedom to accept and love myself – unconditionally*


I feel hope for the first time, that I will control food and it will not control me.*

Rachel R.

This was a powerful workshop that helped me expore very personal truths about myself in order to pursue my goals*

S. L. G.

I found that although I know everything about how to lose weight, this class went a step further into the reasons behind it. I feel like I got it at a deeper level and can continue on the path after today.*

Amy D.

I’ve tried many diet programs and seen numerous therapists, but I was able to have a breakthrough during 2 of the exercises.*

Julie M.

I was surprised how all the things I was doing to lose weight were actually working against me. And I was surprised that I was able to gain personal insight of a profound nature.*

L. C.

I wasn’t sure if I would find this of any use, but I came to the class for the heck of it. This class is powerful and I would like a part 2.*

Cheryl D.