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You will have a significant breakthrough during our Discovery Coaching Session.  Please bring to the table what seems most poignant to focus on.  It could be to uncover what lies hidden in the roots of your emotional eating or what good your weight is trying to do for you.  Whatever portal we enter, what most wants to be revealed and addressed will happen and the process of healing will begin.


To go deep and come out with insights and solutions, we should allow 1 1/2 hours for this initial session.  From there, we will know if we have synergy in working together and want to continue or not.  Either way, you will have new knowledge, actions and hope with which to move forward.  This introductory coaching session is offered for a trial investment of $50.   If we become partners, it will be applied toward your future investment.  Bring your curiosity, courage and self-compassion.  Let’s see what we can discover!


Phone: 206.242.6224
Business Hours: 10:00am – 8:00pm M-F (PDT)
Location: based in Seattle, WA; serving all of US


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