I invite you to take an enlightened journey to your natural weight.

Do you eat for emotional reasons? Do you eat compulsively or binge eat? This time, instead of starting yet another diet, I encourage you to go for complete healing.

This journey is enlightened because

You will discover what lies deep in your roots causing you to eat the way you do and heal from there.

And, enlightened because

You will cultivate a refreshing new relationship with food
that will help grow your spirit.

This is not about dieting

This is about going deep, doing the real work…
to have real healing.
This is what finally allows you
complete freedom from food and weight issues
and to evolve into who you desire to be.


This is the Enlightened Weight Loss Journey

About Denise

In 2004, I added my life coaching certification to my nutrition degree and founded Enlightened Weight Loss.
From toddlerhood into my twenties, I was an emotional eater and have since been living in peace for 3 decades.
It has been my passion and honor to help hundreds of people with heavy duty, lifelong food and weight issues to transform from within and finally become free and sustainably live at their natural weight.

Are we right for each other? Lets find out!

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I achieved my weight loss (over 100 pounds)

Mike J.

Denise helped me transform my life… I respond to life better now and have the better life that I want. I achieved my weight loss (over 100 pounds) and have kept it off for nearly 3 years now. I highly recommend Denise.*

Anne R.

Denise helped me through the next year to lose 70 pounds. I had her encouragement and partnership in figuring out how to get through tough times and adjust as necessary. I improved other areas of self-care at home and work to support my efforts.*

lost 40 lbs

Kathy G.

Denise coached me to a weight loss of almost 40 lbs and guided me down the path of developing an athletic, strong body. I know that I would not have met my health goals without her support, because I had tried to do it on my own so many times in the past without success.*

Julie S.

When I met Denise, my health, relationships, state of mind and understanding about myself was very different. I was unhappy with my life and prayed to find a way to change. I attended Denise’s workshop and felt I needed to hire her one on one.*