When I met Denise, my health, relationships, state of mind and understanding about myself was very different. I was unhappy with my life and prayed to find a way to change. I attended Denise’s workshop and felt I needed to hire her one on one.

Working with Denise turned my life around. She has listened to, supported and coached me through weight loss and everything life has thrown my way. I have learned how to cope with life’s obstacles (instead of using food and chocolate) and reduce my stress. Twenty pounds came off pretty easily once I learned how to pay attention to my food and take care of a thyroid problem. Even after the weight loss, I wanted to continue working with Denise to improve all areas of my life.

The negative imprinting from my adopted mother is pretty much gone. Now, I attract people who respect me. I am no longer afraid to stand up for myself, process issues quickly and no longer get injured. I even found the horse of my dreams and a good boyfriend.

I have a stronger Christian faith and trust in God. Now, I am happy, secure, live in the present, healthy and energetic. I love the way I look, I love myself for who I am in life and feel peaceful and happy as my default way. I have developed my intuitive and healing abilities and acknowledged other gifts. I truly am my own person – which was my ultimate goal. A many heartfelt, sincere thanks to Denise for helping me improve my life!*