Heal Emotional Eating - Group Coaching

in the

Tea Room

The Tea Room

Our group meets online once a week in our virtual Tea Room.  We will be exploring, discovering and transforming your reasons for emotional eating and move you to a place of understanding, compassion and healing. Sustainable peace and freedom with yourself and with food is the goal along with weight loss.

Why Tea?

Tea is cozy and comforting. It warms you up. It asks you to slow down and be with yourself. It’s fragrant aroma wakes up the emotional part of your brain to open you up to exploration and contemplation.
In preparing your tea, you can begin to leave the day behind and center yourself before you take your seat in our Tea Room.

What Will I Have from the Group?

During Our Three Months Together in the Tea Room You Will:

  • Learn your deepest reasons for turning to food and for keeping yourself heavy.
  • Discover your limiting beliefs that are controlling your life and informing the way you roll.
  • Entertain and adopt new empowering beliefs by which to live and eat.
  • See and feel yourself as you aspire to be and step further into becoming your vision
  • Learn how to support yourself through difficult emotions and receive the wisdom of their message.
  • Discover new perspectives and ways of operating in this world.
  • Explore your heart’s desires and begin to move in those directions to create a richer life.
  • Clear your path to walk towards your natural weight and the ability to stay there with peace and ease.
  • Aha! moments, breakthroughs and insights that move you forward
  • Natural laws that make the game of life easier and more joyful to play
  • Accessing your wise self and living in your personal power
  • Gracefully speaking your truth and being authentic
  • Compassion and acceptance for yourself and the…
  • Joy that comes with getting to know yourself better
  • Deeper love for yourself
  • Being a comforting, loving presence for yourself
  • Confidence and comfort being in your own skin
  • Losing weight while eating your own way and enjoying food like never before
  • Freedom and lightness
  • Increase in energy, vitality, balance, inner peace and fulfillment
  • Weight loss – directly related to your emotional healing

And, Regarding Food You Will:

  • Learn principals to become a FAT BURNING MACHINE
  • Receive meal and snack ideas and recipes
  • Learn what to do with cravings and urges to eat
  • Learn what to do after a binge to peacefully and quickly reset
  • Create your own most physically and mentally supportive way to eat
  • Experience eating purposefully and mindfully, with choice, freedom, trust, satisfaction and pleasure; the way you want to live!
  • You will receive an inspiring reminder from me mid-week. We will have a forum to share recipes, food ideas, wins and challenges and keep in contact via our private Facebook group – for those who like being social.

1. We will begin with a brief follow up. You can briefly share your wins, insights and disappointments, if you’d like.

2. I will introduce the topic of the evening.

3. Then, I will lead you through an exercise to evoke your own insight. This could be a guided meditation, journaling, partnering, inquiry, movement…

4. There will be a chance to share (for those who want to) and have a discussion.

5. You will set homework for yourself for the week based on what you just learned about yourself. This can simply be to observe or to contemplate. Or, it can be to endeavor to make a small new action.

    • Our emphasis is not on pounds lost as much as it is on making sustainable change. This is not just a support group, not a passive class, but a workshop. You must participate to get value.
    • I will not tell you what to do. Our exercises and discussions are meant for you to come up with your own ideas and solutions that feel right to you. That’s what coaching is.
    • You are encouraged to acknowledge and express your emotions. However, we will not get stuck in griping and complaining sessions.
    • We will not be doing a certain diet together. You do not have to follow a particular diet, record your food intake or weigh yourself regularly. (Please don’t do diety things if you rebel from being told what to do and having your food restricted. Then, dieting is part of the problem, keeping you in the cycle of having to diet.  You are welcome to follow a diet that you know works well for your body. You will write your own eating guidelines based on your values and physiology and will foster the relationship you want to have with food. See blog on Writing Your Own Personal Eating Manifesto.)

Is This Right for Me?

Let’s find out. Let’s schedule our Discovery Coaching Session. We can see how we work together and discuss the way you want to be supported and the way the group works and see if it’s a match. If so, your first meeting will be a free trial. If you like it, and are willing to make a 3 month commitment, then payment will begin.

The Tea Group is likely to be your way to go if you are courageous and ready to do the real work for lasting change, like the camaraderie of a group and desire support in a more economical way than one on one coaching.  See Will I Succeed?

When do We Meet?

Tuesdays at 5:30pm Pacific, 8:30pm Eastern.  Each session will be recorded, in case you are not able to attend that week.

Who Will Be Seated in The Tea Room

We are a select group of people who have heavy food and weight issues. And, are courageous and ready to explore our inner workings, make discoveries and try on new ways of thinking, doing and being. Participants are game to play, share, support, be supported and inspired by each other and seen.

How Long do I Stay?

Plan on making a 3 month commitment.  It takes at least that long to move from A – Z.
The quality of our group depends on comradeship. Your consistent presence adds value to the group.

Where do We Meet?

The Tea Room is in a Zoom Room. We can all see each other as if we are sitting together. You are welcome to turn off your video whenever you’d rather not be seen.

This group is born

from a one day workshop that I led a few times a year over several years. Participants have asked me for part 2 and for an ongoing group. So, I finally started an on-going group and call it the Tea Room.  Here’s what people have said about the one day workshop.