Freedom from Emotional Eating Workshops

In this inspiring workshop, you will:

  • Reveal to yourself your hidden profound reasons for being heavy and for eating the way you do.
  • Discover core limiting beliefs that keep you in your food turmoil and begin to turn them around.
  • Create a compelling vision of yourself and step into feeling yourself there.
  • Learn a refreshing new strategy to ensure your body’s support in losing fat without dieting.

Leave with Hope, Insights, and Antidotes to Practice.

Come prepared to have a breakthrough.  Bring your lunch because we will practice eating together – in a liberating way with utmost pleasure while compelled to honor your truth.  The workshop includes an additional one hour one-on-one telephone session within a couple weeks. This will give us the chance to celebrate wins and address challenges and the next most poignant issue.

The next workshop will take place in Seattle on Saturday, January 4, 2020, 11:00 – 6:00.  

I learned more in a day than I have in years of workshops and books.* M. M.

If you remain open and are ready to make a commitment to yourself, this class can be life altering.* Tina V.

Great flow of the day. Creative education that kept me awake and excited the whole time… except in meditation state when I was completely relaxed and calm.* Kathy M.

The class released me and gave me freedom to accept and love myself – unconditionally* Ruth

I feel hope for the first time, that I will control food and it will not control me.* Rachel R.

This was a powerful workshop that helped me expore very personal truths about myself in order to pursue my goals* S. L. G.

I found that although I know everything about how to lose weight, this class went a step further into the reasons behind it. I feel like I got it at a deeper level and can continue on the path after today.* Amy D.

I’ve tried many diet programs and seen numerous therapists, but I was able to have a breakthrough during 2 of the exercises.* Julie M.

I was surprised how all the things I was doing to lose weight were actually working against me. And I was surprised that I was able to gain personal insight of a profound nature.* L. C.

I wasn’t sure if I would find this of any use, but I came to the class for the heck of it. This class is powerful and I would like a part 2.* Cheryl D.