We live how we eat and we eat how we live.  I first heard about this concept from my hero, Geneen Roth, the foremost authority on emotional eating.  It was true for me and I see it with clients, over and over again. They report noticing that they’re developing a virtue in their life and realize that it came from practicing it with food.


This is what I find:

When you ask yourself several times a day, how hungry or full are you, you tend to check-in with your feelings, needs and wants throughout the day.  You experience that you are so beloved that someone cares to listen to you – (You!)   Your self-compassion and self-love grows.

When you ask your body what it wants to eat, you tend to consult and trust your intuition.  And, you experience being revered and honored.  Your self-esteem grows.

When you appreciate the rich colors and flavors on your plate, you notice with gratitude what is rich and magical in your life; the romance of life.

When you eat tuned-in to the sensations in your mouth, you tend to live more in the present moment with what’s here right now.   It’s much more peaceful without the baggage of the past or worry of the future.

When you savor your bites of food, you savor the moments of your life.

When you allow yourself the freedom to choose what you want to eat and consciously choose the next bite you want to take, you notice how much choice you have in your life and throughout your day.  You tend to exercise your power to choose.

When you eat according to your truth, you respect yourself and live authentically, speaking and acting according to Your Truth.

When you don’t let yourself get too hungry or too full, you tend to live with balance; from the middle ground instead of all or nothing.

When you stay present with yourself while you eat, you experience that someone is always at home and available for you.  Your inner support system and resilience grows.

When you eat purposefully, you live purposefully.  You feel empowered, free to be yourself and aligned to your divine self.

When you eat mindfully, you live mindfully.


How do you want to eat and how do you want to live?  With freedom to choose, truth and authenticity, trust in yourself, mindfulness, peace, pleasure, fulfillment, intuition…? You can start by eating this way!


 “The way we do anything is the way we do everything.”  Cheri Huber