A playful and effective way to keep your intentions front and center is to sing a little song about it. You would write down what it is that you want to be, do, have or think and then summarize it into a catchy ditty.

Years ago, I got the idea while reading The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder, 1962. I made an extensive list of the qualities I wanted in my future husband and condensed it into a joyful little song that said it all for me. Even though I only half believed I could have it, I met my husband on a day that I was singing it! He completely fulfills what I was singing! Now, I sing about other important things I want. My songs are powerful catalysts for change in my life as they are for my clients in their lives.

Here is an example of two songs a client wrote. She sings one for personal power and one for weight loss.

I’m confident, smart, athletic and smart,
I’m pretty and healthy and have a loving heart.
I always think before I speak
And have a kick-ass physique
I believe in myself and am living the part.

Each time that I eat, I stop and I think
What does my body want to eat or to drink?
A full breath may just be
As fulfilling to me
So I’ll relax till my body and mind are in sync

Singing your endeavors allows change to be more fun and easy – a new paradigm for weight loss.