Poems are written and shared with us by Sonika Marcia Ozdoba


Inside this aching body
There is a soul

Inside this aching soul
There is a woman

Inside this aching woman
Is a body aching to connect

With something that was lost
Lost in the distant past

A life thrown asunder
By a lack of care and understanding

How to retrieve lost time
How to rewrite the story
Of a life that has not yet begun

A journey that wants to write itself
A longing for something not yet seen

To feel what is real-
To find what is true-
True for me

Oyster with a Pearl

She hides her pearl
So no one can see
Afraid to trust
Afraid to be

Caught in the web
Of her tiny heart
Afraid to break open
Afraid to start

To break the shell
Is what she must do
Leave the shell behind
Is the only way through

Turn Your Eyes

Turn your eyes inward
And seek your answers there
In the silence of your silence
Where your stillness lies so fair

Turn your eyes to your heart
Where all your answers lie
In the dormant room so hidden
Of your thoughts that pass on by

Turn your eyes from the darkness
And behold your inner light
That you have hidden from yourself
Bring it forth, back from the night.

Walk with Me

Walk with me, gentle spirit of my soul
And follow my steps in my journey forth
Guide my path as I step toward the sun
And warm my heart as I head north

Walk with me, O fire of my stride
And take me to places I have never been
Light the staircase that lies in shadows
And show me treasures I have never seen

Walk with me, O love of my life
Toward the cliffs above my ocean of tears
Stay close to me and keep me warm
Side by side through the valley of years