I’m inspired to share one client’s inspiring example of crossing over to the enlightened side. She’s doing weight loss differently this time around and is feeling like it’s going to stick. In the past week, here are some things she wrote and said:

“I really feel like I’m settling into this body and getting comfortable. People really notice the change and I feel much more comfortable with it – I believe it’s happening and isn’t some fad. The pace we moved with this is so incredibly important so that my mind can integrate the changes but not get freaked out, distrustful or scared.
I feel so lucky to have this developed this patient wisdom about my body – it’s almost better than being thin if you can believe it.
I really, really feel great about the mental improvements. Just a huge part of my goal in working with you.”*

She has developed a rich inner life despite being busy as the center of the household with 2 school age boys. She had craved that, and was trying to get it with sugar. She gave up sugar 2 months ago.
“Food gives a sense of ‘inner life’ for a moment. It takes you in and then keeps you trapped from really getting inward. Why would I want to sacrifice that awareness now that my eyes are open.”*

I commented on her courage to be awake.
“I don’t feel like it was courage. Life wanted me to do that. I was going against my grain. I didn’t trust much of my choices and observations. There was distortion. I wanted out of the cloud, the haze; to stop being a victim. That way of being is ultimately draining.”

She emphasized how the spiritual component in her weight loss this time makes it more effective and meaningful. “…to imprint the two together. Body and spirit connect the journey. You just can’t look at the body, you have to look at the spirit.”